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H M S Loch Killisport - The Model - Built 2004

Below is my scale model of the anti-submarine Loch Class Frigate, which I served on in 1952 in the 6th Frigate Flotilla, based at Londonderry, Northern Ireland.
The model is made to the scale of 1/72 and 193cm long, powered by 2 electric motors, controlled by home made Electronic Speed controllers using the ZN409 servo IC
The model took over a year, full time, to make and is "scratch built" - That is all parts are completely made by hand using fine grade modelling plywood, balsa, brass and aluminium stock.
shortly after completion in 2005 I was to spend most of the year in and out of hospital with further brain surgery (See My Story).
Late News 8/2015. I have found a source of the ZN409 at UTSource.com a company in Hong Kong who have a huge stock of these ZN409 chips at only around $7.50AU ea postage $4 for only 1 or as many as you want. However, some very good speed controllers are now available on EBay from China which make constructing your own unnecessary. :)

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Click on Royal Navy link to read details of most Loch Class Frigates
Any further information on the Loch Class Frigates appreciated by email.