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This is new page showing photos of ships and places I served on in the Royal Navy 1950 to 1957 - Click on link above for individual pictures. I will be creating a slideshow later :)
01. HMS Hardy F54.(1956) was probably the worst ship I had the misfortune to serve on, it rolled on a wet blanket and after a very short commission from new, the entire crew was replaced, due to unrest verging on mutiny. Initially consigned to the 6th Frigate Flotilla, Londonderry N.I.
02. The demise of the Hardy after only 10 years was very fitting. She was used at a target practice ship. The Hardy was the first of the Blackwood Class of frigates.
03. HMS Loch Killisport K628 (1946) later F628. The first ship I served on as a Telegraphist in 1952. A great ship and terrific crew. One of the happiest draftings in my career. See also my scale model
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