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H.M.S.Manchester and H.M.S Onslow (1942)
HMS Manchester and HMS Onslow 1/96 scale 1/8" to 1 ft. Manchester is 6ft 3" long.
The original HMS Manchester was a Liverpool class Light Cruiser completed in 1938. She saw service on the China Station and later on the Malta convoys where she was damaged in August of 1942 by one of two Italian torpedo boats, with the loss of 180 lives. The ship was later scuttled by detonating charges onboard. The full history of both ships will appear here later. These models are dedicated to the memory of the crews who gave their lives in the name of freedom.
All models on this page have been built using the method known as "scratch building" not from kits, but basic plans and photographs, where virtually none of the individual componenents are purchased, but made from sheets of ply varying from .4mm thick upwards, balsa wood, brass and aluminium stock and virtually anything useful down to the actual cap from a glue bottle and shoe eyelets filled with clear silastic for portholes. IC Holders make excellent and realistic deck lockers.
The models are all radio controlled using HiTech, JR and Sanwa equipment. The speed controllers are self designed and constructed using home etched circuit boards and based on the old ZN409 servo control chip and banks of 25amp Mosfets, The ZN409 chip is no longer available, luckily I managed to buy the last dozen left from our local source. No I do not have any for sale...Late News 2016: The ZN409 is available at www.utsource.com located in Hong Kong for around $7.50US postage $4.00 any number. Check on-line for data sheet of ccts.

  • The HMS Onslow model was constructed in 1991 taking almost a year to build and HMS Manchester was on the stocks for 3 years and was officially launched in November 2001
    In 2009 I gave several public talks on my scale model ships at local service clubs.

  • I have completed the 1/72 scale model of the first ship I served on in the Royal Navy in 1952. The anti-submarine Frigate HMS Loch Killisport. Thanks to the late John Lambert of the UK who was able to locate the original 1943 shipyard plans. Sadly John passed away in January 2016. Goodbye Mate. Initial framework and hull progress to date shown below - See special dedicated page (Loch Killisport) for a slide show of the construction of this vessel above, Pictures and Loch class PDF file also available.

  • H.M.S.Manchester 1/96 scale = 6ft H.M.S.Manchester Competed 2002 H.M.S.Manchester float test H.M.S.Manchester Official launch Nov 2001 H.M.S.Manchester01
    Yours truly at the Bindoon Hobby expo 2001 Vosper MTB - Radio Controlled Detail of Vosper bridge 1/96 scale HMS Onslow One metre class R/C yacht
    HMS Manchester on the China Station 1938 HMS Manchester 1942 HMS Manchester  ship's crest Detail of hangers on the HMS Manchester Detail of Walrus Seaplane
    Detail of damage to HMS Onslow Framework of the Loch Killisport Loch Killisport Manchester Loch Killisport

    The black and white photos are the original shots of the Manchester in 1938 and 1942 and also show the hangers and Walrus Seaplanes. The damage to the HMS Onslow is after her engagement with the German Battle Cruiser "Admiral Hipper" in which the Onslow's Captain, Captain Sherbourne received the Victoria Cross for his action in maintaining control of his ship when almost blinded by injuries.
    A project the size of building the model of HMS Manchester could not have been achieved without the assistance of various people, stores and web sites. I wish to thank everyone involved and recommend them as excellent sources of information and or services if you are embarking on a similar exercise. Please give them a look.
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