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H M S Loch Killisport - The Model - Built 2004

Below is my scale model of the anti-submarine Loch Class Frigate, which I served on in 1952/3 in the 6th Frigate Flotilla, based at Londonderry, Northern Ireland.
The model is made to the scale of 1/72 and 193cm long, powered by 2 electric motors, controlled by home made Electronic Speed controllers using the ZN409 servo IC
The model took over a year, full time, to make and is "scratch built" - That is all parts are completely made by hand using fine grade modelling plywood, balsa, brass and aluminium stock.
shortly after completion in 2005 I was to spend most of the year in and out of hospital with further brain surgery (See My Story).
I have found a source of the ZN409 at UTSource.com a Semiconductor company in Hong Kong who have a huge stock of these ZN409 chips at only around $7.50AU ea postage $4 for only 1 or as many as you want. However, some very good speed controllers are now available on EBay from China which makes constructing your own unnecessary. :)

About The Loch Class Frigates
In 1940 & 1941 the battle of the Atlantic initially was being won by the German U-boats. Merchant cargo ships were being sunk quicker than they could be replaced and Britain was in danger of being starved of precious resources and food.

Existing escorts were, on the whole, not ideal as they had for the most part been built and designed before the War. Plans were drawn up for a new frigate construction programme to utilise pre-fabrication techniques to speed construction and reduce the risk from enemy attack using multiple dispersed construction sites.

The resulting Loch Class was to prove to be amongst the best A/S frigates produced by Great Britain during the war, although most of the class only entered service from 1944 onwards. 110 ships were projected, but with the end of WWII only 28 were completed.

In the 21st century even these vessels now also appear primitive compared with today's advanced Naval ship building technology.

I have been asked about the source of Plans for my models. I passed on the Loch Killisport plans to a modeller in NZ. They were originally obtained from the Late John Lambert in the UK, who passed away in 2016 (RIP). There are a number of sources which have access to the John Lambert Archives. Suggest Google 'John Lambert Plans'. I also refer to "Jane's Fighting Ships of WWI & WWII" Still available from various Internet booksellers.

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Click on Royal Navy link to read details of most Loch Class Frigates
Any further information on the Loch Class Frigates appreciated by email.