Marine Modellers Society

HMS Loch Killisport Scratch built by Dave Smithdale
From original 1944 ship builder's plans

Marine Modellers Society of WA Inc

Welcome to the Marine Modellers Society.
Of Western Australia Inc
These pages are being completely re-written and will be posted as soon as possible.
In the meantime take a look at the two pages below for an example of what is coming.
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Dave Smithdale --- Webmaster (2005).

March 2016 - Please note this is an archival site and reproduced for historical use only
and was recovered from the Geocities Archives in 2016 and has been placed on my server at home.
In 2005 I spent most of the year in hospital undergoing 3 major surgery procedures. It was not the best time for me to create web sites! Sometime later, Geocities closed down web hosting and the web pages were no longer accessible. In 2009 they commenced archiving the old sites.
Please note that this site contains links and venues which may no longer be available for model boat use. Links may be outdated.
Sadly some of the founding members are no longer with us. It is to all past members I dedicate these pages.

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Latest Photographs of Members and their models

Brief history of MMS

Additional photos from my archives.

Link to Dave Smithdale's current pages and email

See Steve for all your supplies (Closed down)

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