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RMS Titanic - The Model

Below is my model of the RMS Titanic made from a kit originally published by Hatchette Partslist Ltd, in the UK
The kit came in the form of a subscription via a local news agent and ran to 100 booklets and parts. The ultimate cost for the "static" non working model was around $1200AU at the time.
Normally, I have always avoided using kits to create model ships and yachts, but this was a challenge I could not refuse
Following the publication in a local newspaper in Perth, a photo of my HMS Manchester model, I received a phone call asking if I wanted the "Titanic" kit as the purchaser had found it too difficult for their skills in fine modeling. The hull had been partially completed, but due to errors in parts was not suitable to be re-used. The upper deck parts were complete in their packaging.
I decided to completely rebuild the hull on the same lines as my other models, permitting radio control equipment, batteries and 2 electric motors to be fitted.
From previous modeling I have built up a comprehensive set of tools needed for the task including a home made mini saw bench and plank/strip "thicknesser" Powered by an old 12vdc model aircraft motor starter! (see slide show) This was done using MDF formers in the hull, which were then covered with 0.8mm modeling ply and balsa blocks for the bow and stern. The entire insides were washed with a fibre glass resin, to seal and waterproof the inside of the hull. The hull planking was filled and the prop shafts bonded with "plastic wood". In order to access the Radio Control equipment the upper decking had to be made separately to enable it to be removed.
TO BE CONTINUED..........>

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Only a couple of photos here so far. I need one of those "Round Tuits!" been very busy lately

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